Monday, 14 November 2011

An early start

Having awoken even earlier than usual, despite it not being light, I thought I'd get up and paint - what it is to have a real deadline to work to. Nevertheless I managed to roll over and eventually emerge from my renewed slumbers when the alarm went off.
Realising that I could have had two hours valuable painting time I decided to get on with my day with a bit of basing instead. Enthused with my results of yesterday's brief efforts to get some 6mm Adler French Napoleonics on the table - not to mention getting my friend Will worried by having another period on the go at the same time as the 10mm ancients - I managed to mag base another eight infantry stands and three artillery stands, fix figures to them and leave them to dry.
When I get home from a busy day of magazine editing and production I should be ready to relax and  flock the bases of my latest units. Maybe I shall also finish off my latest 10mm spear unit? Better still will be to start something completely different just to wind Will up even more!

1 comment:

  1. Your gonna have to do this everyday now, lay-ins are a thing of the past!!