Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Very British Civil War in 28mm

Well I seem to have fallen into this almost by accident. Set in 1938, a Very British Civil War presents so many interesting opportunities that a chap can let his imagination riot.

The first few figures are painted and the rest of the unit has been under coated and is ready for painting. It's a unit of  BUF - British Union of Facists - using Reiver Miniatures. I'll post some figures when I have a half dozen or so finished.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

What a Saga!

Played Saga this afternoon for the first time. It was a slow game due to constantly looking at the rules and working out what to do next. Not that it takes long to pick the game up.

It was an interesting game as I thought my opponent was bringing Vikings to fight my Normans. However, there were no Vikings as my opponent hasn't painted his figures. So it was just as well I'd also brought my Byzantines with me in case we had a quick first game and fancied a different army to face a a second game.

I'm not sure that Byzantines make a good army for a first game but it did make for an interesting game. My Byzantine infantry soon fell foul of a well co-ordinate Norman cavalry charge and lost half the unit. Next go Norman massed archery fire took out the rest. After that it was all downhill a combination of poor tactics and appalling die rolls!

So more reading or the rules and a try with more evenly matched forces.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A plug...no other word for it.

OK so I may not be the best person to remember to post things on a regular basis - but I do read other blogs on a daily basis.
So here I am recommending Trouble At T'Mill a wargaming blog that is running a competition to celebrate the 50th Birthday of the blogger, Mike Whitaker.
There's a chance to win a £25 gift voucher with Too Fat Lardies, which will get you the basic Chain of Command rules-only bundle plus (most of) postage, or the tablet/PDF edition and some bits bundle, or you can add to it to get one of the other bundles.

So happy birthday to Mike and good luck to anyone who is reading this on here.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

15mm ECW

Here's a first for me - 15mm English Civil War. Will W is eager to play Field of Glory Renaissance rules for ECW but I can see his enthusiasm dragging me towards a long unfinished Italian States army too as the rules cover this earlier period.

Here's the New Model Army so far. However it is anything but New Model as most of e figures are over  20 years old. I have inherited the collection of a wargamer who had a part finished army; I'm keeping his painted figures as they are, other than new bases and possibly updating the flags, as a mark of respect in his memory.

I have bought some new figures from QRF - such as the dragoons at the bottom right of the shot. Most of the other figures are Minifigs.