Sunday, 13 November 2011

A good Sunday afternoon

It has been a good Sunday afternoon; apart from having to make a dash to the shops I managed to get some painting done. I didn't even drop into the club as would have ended up as a prolonged stay!
Shopping safely done - without the drunken procurement of a frozen lobster and a bottle of Advocat as once happened (no I really don't know why either but the several large G&Ts may have played a part) - I managed to get several hours painting and basing done.
I've prepped three more 10mm units and undercoated them, I've almost finished a new 10mm infantry unit for Warmaster Ancients and I've based three units of Adler 6mm French Light Infantry for Polemos rules.
All in all not a bad afternoon at all. I've even worked out what I need to buy at Warfare in Reading next weekend. After all I'd hate to see the lead mountain shrinking.

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