Sunday, 27 November 2011

Decisions, decisions...

... to go up to the club or stay at home and paint?

I have a 'free' afternoon - although there are plenty of chores in the garden requiring attention! Jane's out visiting friends in Bristol and even the cat has deserted me for stalking imaginary mice in the fields.

No doubt there will be several games on at the club; most seem to be WWII or 40K these days but occasionally there are ancients or 18th century. Napoleonics seem to have taken a back seat at the moment but if I stay in and paint my 6mm Adler French or my 6mm Baccus Prussians I could change the Napoleonic gaming situation quite quickly. Both armies are nearly finished. At least as finished as any army ever can be!

Then again I could make a start on my Baccus Austrians that I picked up on the B&B at Warfare  last weekend. No, definitely staying home and painting Prussians as I only need a few units to complete the army for a medium sized game. We are basing the figures for and using the Polemos rules published by Baccus.

I wonder if there is a good play on Radio 4 to listen to as I paint?

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