Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Six months is nothing...

Ok, so I must try harder at this. It seems to have been 17 months this time and so much has been going on. New armies, new rules and some painting - but not as much as I would like,

In terms of new rules i have started playing l'Arte de la Guerre ancients/medieval rules. Armies have been re-based, new armies built and competitions entered and mostly lost. I am enjoying the rules though and find I now have armies in both 15mm and 25/28mm.

Early Imperial Roman commanders to lead my first ADLG army

The Early Imperial Romans didn't do too well in their first outing at Thormbury in Bristol during August 2016.
As I will never play War & Conquest nor WAB the long term Republican Roman Army project is being turned into a new ADLG army. First outing was at a 100 point competition back in Thornbury in August 2017.