Sunday, 31 March 2019

I love the smell of Bostick in the evening

After another day caring for my 90 year old dad, I am having an hour to myself to get a stalled project back on line.
If all the stalled projects were put in line I dare say I would have had enough money to buy a week's holiday in the sun; not that I have had the time or opportunity for a holiday in the sun for ages.
The project that I wish to get moving on is for the Vietnam War.
Being a wargames butterfly - no that is the wrong image completely - more of a Death Head Month being drawn to the light, I have had an idea at the back of my mind for a long time. It has involved painting Vietnam figures in three different scales - 6mm, 10mm and 20mm. And of course no army is yet finished.
So today, the Bostick, magnetic sheets and mdf bases have come out and progress is being made.

All figures have come from Irregular Miniatures 6mm Vietnam range. They are robust figures cast onto a base that is of an irregular shape. They don't have the detail of some makes but at 36" away it makes little or no difference.
After some consideration I have decided to use half size Flames of War bases, mostly as it makes storage so much easier. It has meant a fair bit of trimming of the metal bases.
Despite the decision to use the FoW type bases it is not my intention to play the Battlefront 'Nam rules. In fact I have been collecting Vietnam rules for decades and each has its own merits. However I have certainly not found anything that is a one size fits all - or more to the point three sizes fits none that can be used for them all.
I have more in mind a series of campaign style games where different activities or types of action may be played in any of the three scales I have. 20mm for small scale skirmishes, 10mm for company actions and 6mm for much larger games.
Recently I discovered Tacspeil - The American Army's wargaming rules for the Vietnam War 1966. This book is published by John Curry and the History of Wargaming Project.

The rules themselves are complex and not ideal for my purposes but they are rich in information that can be adopted for a simpler campaign system.

One of the joys of rummaging around the Irregular website was the discovery of PBRs in 6mm. I have bought several to go with my Amphimods brown water navy vessels. This gives me the chance for a true tri-service campaign that I can put on the tabletop.

I am making steady progress and will provide updates soon.