Sunday, 27 November 2011

A decidedly good afternoon

Apart from the return of the cat without any mice* it was a quiet afternoon, with a good play on the radio and a fair bit of painting completed.

I've managed to complete four stands of Prussian Landwehr, although two of these were almost finished apart from drummers and bases.

I'll need to add some flags when I get the chance to draw some up and print them out. I knew I should have bought some when I was at the show last weekend.

The two stands that I had to finish off are the ones on the right with red facings as Kurmarck Landwehr Regiment. I painted their coats and trousers yesterday when I was finishing off some bases of Adler French generals. I also managed to get well underway with seven French limbers and horse teams today.

Here's a closer view of the Kurmarck. Just another 20 stands to go if I wish to re-fight the Battle Wavre!

I'll finish the limbers off this week and make a start on the next four stands of Landwehr infantry.

* The cat has managed to bring a live mouse in which we have just been trying to catch as it, followed by the cat, ran around the sitting room. The joys of country living!

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