Sunday, 20 November 2011

Warfare Today - Leipzig 1241

Pictures and more text added am Monday 21st November

With the mobile uploads having totally failed to work I am now having to try and recall the events of the day.

Using Kallistra figures, terrain and rules, four of us re-fought the Mongol invasion of the west and their battle against the Teutonic Knights at Leipzig in 1241. The two shots below show the Teuton and Mongol deployments - Paul at Kallistra had 'tweaked' the OOBs since the last time the game was played out. Even the tweaks didn't help the Teutons!

 Teuton deployment - should be safe enough in that castle!
From the Mongol side

The game started well enough with the Mongol light horse coming forward backed up by heavies. The Teutons had mixes of infantry spear and crossbows inter-spaced with cavalry - mounted knights and mounted crossbow.
Obviously the Mongol light horse moved further and all could shoot being bow armed. I watched whole units of Teuton foot vanish in single arrow storm. Our crossbows just couldn't seem to hit a thing or to do enough damage to worry their target.

Teuton Foot

Mongol Heavy Horse
 The above photos were taken on my phone and the ones below were taken on a camera that  show the rest of the depressing story of Mongol victory!

Teuton left flank - it all seemed so solid!
Then on came the Mongols with their bows...
The driven and the isolated!
Murray, Will and Dane
 The above shot shows the other three players; note that Murray and Dane played the Mongols and they both are on the 'wrong' side of the table - here's why:

The crumbling Teuton right
It was a good game using simple rules and D6 and D12. No morale as such - attrition based combat/shooting results drove you back, disorganised you or simply eradicated you.

It all looked very good and it was nice to see so many old friends dropping by the table. The rest of the show (on the Sunday) was quite busy and the competitions were well supported.

As ever there was far to much to tempt you to part with your cash. Will and I picked up lots of things for others and found a great bargain on the bring and buy in the shape of 6mm Baccus Napoleonics. Three armies all unpainted with bases and buildings for about half the bare metal cost. Will has the French and Russians and I have the Austrian army to paint but in that scale and those armies it shouldn't take too long.


  1. Was this the same game that was at Salute this year??

  2. It is the game that we ran at Salute this year. Next year we are running and ACW game using Kallistra's new range of figures.