Monday, 13 October 2014

Shh! Don't tell anyone I'm slipping over to the dark(er) side

Every so often every wargamer gets the urge. The urge to do something different. It may not be different to you the reader or that chap lurking over there in the corner of the internet but it is different to those who have the urge.

We have all had the urge at one time or another. Some resist and others dive in headfirst. Will any of us ever be the same?

I think the urge boils down to who you gaming with at the time. I've had it before and no doubt will get it again when something newer or with more shine comes along to burst the current bubble. And that bubble is science fiction gaming. There I have said it - well written it anyway.

It is all down to a new DDWG club member, Andy. He's been with us about a year and has quietly joined in many games and gradually introduced the club to Gruntz 15mm with his own games. And very nice they look too, as you can see below.

Gruntz 15mm game in progress at Devizes & District Wargames Group

So having visited Blast-Tastic the other week and and soaked up some of the 'pew, pew' atmosphere of sci-fi games the urge has grabbed me and some 15mm figures are winging their way to me this week.

It seems that I am not alone in the need to do something different as I stumbled on this blog:

As I mentioned this is not the first time the urge has grabbed me! Last time I was influenced by my good friend and fellow gamer Simon Phillips and that game was Space Hulk - the original version. Sadly Simon has passed on to the great gaming convention in the sky but his enthusiasm for all things sci-fi have obviously had a lasting effect on me.

This is where I paint, plot and scheme my games and armies. The 25 year old original
Spacehulk, Death Wing and Genestealer
are on top of the book case