Sunday, 14 April 2019

Companies based

Today I had a catch-up morning to flock and base a number of figures that have been finished for some time; 28mm ancient Indians, 15mm Middle Imperial Romans, 28mm Normans and the first two companies of 6mm Americans for my Vietnam project.

Two companies of US infantry for Vietnam

The next company is nearly finished and will be ready for basing soon. I have also completed some civilians and made a start on some M113s and mortar teams. The PBRs in the background are almost finished too. All figures are from Irregular Miniatures.


  1. Phil,
    Just stumbled across your blog via Venixia.
    I don't know if you knew but a mutual friend, Danny O'Hara passed away in 2019 - only 50.

    1. Hello Neil, I had heard from David Niblock. Unfortunately I was unable to get away for Danny's funeral which I greatly regret. Stay safe.

  2. Hello Phil.
    Wasn't sure who had heard the news. Unfortunately I found out a couple of months after the event, almost by accident; I saw some figures and books on eBay which looked like Danny's, listed as St Austell. I'd had a horrible feeling something wasn't right as I'd tried ringing him without success. A quick Google threw up his memorial page.