Friday, 13 December 2013

It has been a long time...

... since I posted anything. But there again I haven't done much by the way of painting or gaming.

My VCBW figures are milling about part painted; the LLedo Vehicles of Yesteryear that I bought at bargain price in a flea market are gathering dust and the half-formed project for a new VCBW unit remains just that - half formed!

However! I did find myself painting some test figures last night for Seven Years War. I have Prussians on the go in both 10mm and 15mm scale. Don't ask! It was just an idea and the Old Glory 15mm figures have been hiding in a drawer since I brought them back from the USA in 1999. They also cost less than half the UK price over there at that time :-)

Fortunately you can still get the 15mm Old Glory figures in the UK from Timecast and I am adding some FreiKorps 15 figures from QRF to the ranks.

I am looking at basing these Prussians for Die Kriegskunst rules so a departure from my usual set of choice - WRG 1685 - 1845.

The 10mm Prussians are part of a new idea I have, although the Pendraken figures have been hanging around for a year or two on the shelf in The Bunker, daring me to paint them. So I have made a start!

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