Sunday, 11 August 2013

What a Saga!

Played Saga this afternoon for the first time. It was a slow game due to constantly looking at the rules and working out what to do next. Not that it takes long to pick the game up.

It was an interesting game as I thought my opponent was bringing Vikings to fight my Normans. However, there were no Vikings as my opponent hasn't painted his figures. So it was just as well I'd also brought my Byzantines with me in case we had a quick first game and fancied a different army to face a a second game.

I'm not sure that Byzantines make a good army for a first game but it did make for an interesting game. My Byzantine infantry soon fell foul of a well co-ordinate Norman cavalry charge and lost half the unit. Next go Norman massed archery fire took out the rest. After that it was all downhill a combination of poor tactics and appalling die rolls!

So more reading or the rules and a try with more evenly matched forces.

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